About MewHeart

What is MewHeart?
Mewheart was a Japanese Pokemon fansite created August 1, 1998.
It also had an English site (created in 2000) for English speaking users.
It included web materials, a BBS, a chat and an oekaki board.

The Japanese main site had multiple BBS boards, oekaki boards and chatrooms for various topics.
The English side had only one BBS, one oekaki board and one chatroom.

Snapshots of the original English site can be seen with the Wayback Machine.
The original Japanese site can be viewed as well.

MewHeart was run by two web masters, Rine Tatsuzaki and AZUMA.
Their self introduction page can still be viewed here with the Wayback Machine.

So what is MewHeart @ Neocities?
This site is a recreation of the original English MewHeart.
I'm writing the code myself and re-using assets from the original site to create a copy.
I'd like this recreation to be a functioning archive of the original English Mewheart.
What about the web materials?
The rules of the original creator(s) apply - Web materials on this site are for personal use only (on your website, blog, etc).
Feel free to link back if you use any of the materials, but its not required.
Again, just to be clear - I did not create any of the web materials.
Who's making this site?
My name's Sam and I stumbled onto the original English MewHeart site when I was really young.
I was a kid obsessed with Pokemon and the internet was new and exciting.
I frequented MewHeart for many years and spent a lot of time drawing on the oekaki and talking to the other regulars.
Now, as an adult I was feeling nostalgic for the site I spent so much time on as a kid.
I've been wanting to recreate MewHeart for awhile so I'm finally doing it. :P
I also have a personal site here.