Change Log

January 19, 2023
"Trainer", "character1", "character2" and "character3" pages are live.
I also made a few changes to the About page and created a Rules page.
Gonna try to create a few more pages tonight.
Edit: Entire "icon" section is complete! Yay! Also created "used HP title" page.

January 15, 2023
"pokemon", "gold&silver" & "used calendar" pages are live!
Gonna work on a couple more pages before bed, will edit this post once they're up. :3
Edit: Added some cute pokemon gifs to "other" page and wallpapers added to "wallpaper2" page!
January 13, 2023
Finally got around to creating this site!
Layout is done, just need to create all of the web material pages - so all material, gallery & communication links are currently non-functional :)
Uploading all the web materials & creating each page will be my next goal!
Made an about page and this page for site updates as well - these links are functional.
Edit: Created a few pages! Functional pages are marked with an UP! icon :3