Site Rules

1. Please no hotlinking images.
"Hotlinking" is when you open an image on a webpage within your browser and use the webhost's link to repost the image on your own site.
This uses the webhost's bandwidth and can cause images to stop displaying on the host's site.
You can do your part by saving the image to your pc and uploading it to your own server!

2. Please do not use the web materials for profit or claim as your own.
"Web materials" historically have been free to use materials you can use on your own website.
They are created by kind people who generously share them with others on the web.
Feel free to repost any web materials from this site in your "pixel/gif/graphics collection" section of your website - sharing is highly encouraged.
Just be respectful and do not claim them as something you made or use them for profit. :P

3. You can give credit by linking back to the site.
Although it is appreciated, credit isn't required!
If you'd like you can credit by linking any materials you use back to the site or by using one of the MewHeart site banners in the links section of your website.



I do not claim any of the web materials on MewHeart as my own.
They were all created by Rine Tatsuzaki, one of the two web masters of the original MewHeart website.